What is Heart Shine?

Heart Shine is named for those fleeting moments of genuine joy and lightness of spirit that visit us each time we step out into the light, as we’re leaving a great yoga class, finishing a beautiful meal, or belly-laughing with loved ones.


A message from Scott…

I am a yogi and a personal chef. My goal is to bring joy, which I call Heart Shine, into your life through uplifting yoga and delicious, nutritious eats. I teach yoga, prep and cook terrific meals, and look forward to making your life easier.

-Scott Bartel


Heart Shine Offerings


Private and group yoga sessions

Public yoga classes (This Land Yoga, Yoga Theorem)

Community classes (SixTwelve)

Yoga events, workshops, and retreats

Corporate classes


Personal chef services

Healthy snacks

Private and group healthy cooking demos/lessons