Positive vibes and joyful connection are at the core of every class Scott teaches, as he encourages students to breathe, move with power and set intentions that affect positive growth on and off the mat. Come to class prepared to smile and sweat.

Scott started practicing yoga in early 2016 as an extension of his regular workout routine and quickly knew it would become a life-long journey. Since then, he earned his 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certification and began teaching private and group classes in the OKC area. 

As Scott puts it, “I have students of every age, every fitness level and every body type in my classes. I tell everyone this about yoga, which can be intimidating for some at first: as long as you are breathing, you are doing everything right. I don’t care if you lie on your back and breathe for the entire class, you’d be doing it right. Everything else will come.”

 As a chef, Scott’s philosophy is simple: fresh, simple, quality ingredients prepared beautifully. Cooking has always been a part of Scott’s life, but in 2015 he took his love for cooking and created a career. Under Chef Beth Lyon, Scott honed his culinary skills, ultimately becoming Head Chef at Provision Kitchen.

Today, Scott has combined his love of yoga, cooking and positive energy into Heart Shine. Are you ready to SHINE?