Eat The Rainbow


 Chef Services

During a thorough consultation, Scott will learn all of your likes and dislikes, dietary requirements and special needs. Are you paleo? Gluten-free or vegan? Allergic to eggs? Hate squash? Excellent. He can cook for you!

Next, Scott will design a personalized strategy for you, whether you need a weekly in-home chef session, help throwing a dinner party, a freezer full of meals, or chopping and prepping twice a month. You feel better already, don’t you?

Personalized Meal Prep

Meal prep and planning can overwhelm, and feeling overwhelmed is not joyful, healthy, or Heart Shiney. Let Scott take some of it off of your hands. Services include: meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleanup. Meals can be prepared to be eaten fresh that day, prepped in three-day meal plans, or frozen to be enjoyed at a later time. Scott brings his kitchen tools, freezer containers if needed and chef knives to your home. Cooking is typically done in 4 to 6 hours time blocks weekly, biweekly, or monthly. As often as possible, Heart Shine uses organic, seasonal, and local whole food to prepare all meals.

Dinner Parties

Chef Scott will work with you to design your 3 to 5 course dinner party for up to 12 people, either plated or buffet. Courses will be carefully planned to allow for a dab of indulgence and plenty of flavor. Scott’s culinary style is mostly plant-based, healthy, and completely custom.

 Private and Group Healthy Cooking Demos/Lessons

Don’t Shine in the kitchen? Looking to polish your cooking skills? Planning a fun activity for a Friends Night or Date Night? Private or group cooking classes and demos are available and start at $65 per hour, two hour minimum plus food cost, and are customizable.

Fresh. Healthy. Delicious.


Heart Shine Snacks


Heart Shine Granola

Heart Shine Granola is crafted by hand, in small batches. Organic oats, nuts, seeds, grains, maple syrup and coconut oil come together to create a symphony of crunchy, not-too-sweet, satisfying flavor.


Vegan Protein Bites


Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies